Assembly of the dryer

Laundry dryer can be installed on practically any balcony on which the balcony railing has a flat bar or rectangular/squaread profile of specified dimensions.

The dryer is perfect for balconies in a block of flats whose width does not exceed 2 meters - distance measured from left to right handrail of the balcony.

If the dryer is mounted on wider balconies, e. g. 3 - 4 meters, the laundry lines are much longer, so the weight of the laundry per line is greater. Such a load will affect the comfort of using the dryer and may cause deformation of the material.
In this case, it is recommended to spread the laundry over a larger number of lines, so as not to overload the dryer and lines.


The dryer is mounted on the balcony railing by screwing 4 fixing brackets to a flat bar or rectangular/squaread profile. If there are such elements on the balustrade and their width is from 3,5cm to 5cm, the dryer can be mounted.

The set of screws and nuts needed to mount the dryer on a flat bar of up to 0,7cm thickness is included with the dryer. If the thickness of the elements to which the fixing brackets will be screwed is greater, it will be necessary to use longer stainless steel screws, which are not included in the set.

To mount the dryer you will need 4mm and 3mm Allen wrenches and size 10 flat wrenche. Tools aren't included in the dryer.

Below are pictures showing step-by-step installation of the dryer.

Balcony balustrade 160cm wide and 70cm deep.

Elements of the balustrade to which it is possible to screw fixing brackets.

The dryer includes 4 mounting brackets.

Prior to installation, check the arm of the dryer on the balustrade.

With a painting tape or marker, mark the ends of the arm on the balustrade.

Prepare the mounting brackets by tightening the clamping screw and the screw and nut in the same way as in the picture.
(this is best done in the flat)

Screw the brackets to the chosen place on the balustrade. Place the wheels on the arm, then place the arm in the dryer
and lock it by tightening the clamping screws.

Using a simple knot, attach the washing line to the first pair of opposite rings.
(a movie showing how to tie a washing line can be found on "What line ?" page)

At this stage, move the washing line along the entire length of the arm. If the line tension at the two ends of the arms is different, drop the screws of the mounting brackets and position the arms so that the line is equally tight. Then tighten the screws of the mounting brackets.

Attach the whashing line to the other rings and cut off the unnecessary ends.

Mounted dryer.