Assembly of the dryer

Assembly of the dryer, is done by screwing it to the balcony balustrade.

The pictures below show the dryer mounted on a flat bar with a width of 3.4 cm and a thickness of 0.8 cm. The spacing of the holes in the clamping brackets of the dryer is 5 ,3 cm, so there is a margin on the wider flat bar.

The dryer can also be mounted on a rectangular profile if its width does not exceed 5 cm. Thickness of this profile will be greater than the thickness of the flat bar (0.8 cm), so longer stainless steel bolts/screws will be required (longer bolts are not included).

If the flat bar / profile is on the balustrade of your balcony and is 3 - 5 cm wide, you will be able to mount the dryer.

Two hex keys (sizes 4 and 3), and a flat spanner, that are not included will be needed to mount the dryer.

Assembly instructions:

... typical balcony in a block of flats.

... picture shows the parts of the railings that the dryer can be attached to.

Screw mounting brackets to the flat bars/rectangular section.

The length of the arm is about 60 cm. Before commencing the assembly, you can try out the arm by fitting it onto the balustrade.

I suggest marking the orientation place of the clamping brackets before fixing then.

I suggest marking the orientation place of the clamping brackets before fixing then.

Mounting brackets, are fixed with 2 screws. Outside screw and small pressure screw, I recoment to fix/screw on in the apartmen.

In the photo, two pre-set mounting brackets, ready to screw.

The dryer arm with the rings and Nautical knot, we place in the mounting brackets.

Using a simple " nautical knot " fasten the first end of the cable/line to the ring.

... the other end of the cable, attach to the opposite ring, leaving the longer end on one side. Repeat this for each circle ring.

Repeat this for each circle ring.

Let's try to make the arms of the dryer are parallel to each other.

After the first use, tighten the lines by untying them at one end and stretching and then re knotting. Please loosen knot with longer ends and stretch the cord