Advantages of the dryer

Advantages of the dryer:

- space saving of the balcony

- large drying area

- independent line spacing

- durability, useful on Saturday for airing of a quilt

- ability to enlarge the drying surface by adding additional rings without having to spend extra balcony space

- functionality

- 100% recyclable dryer

- resistant to atmospheric factors

- easy to assemble and disassemble (eg during moving)

- simple construction and assembly

- the dryer does not require maintenance, only replacement of washing line every few years is necessary

- high quality product at an affordable price

A few ideas for dryer owners:

... when I need more space on the balcony, I slide all the washing lines towards the balcony railing.

... when it starts to drizzle, I slide all the laundry towards myself in the direction of the apartment.

... on a cloudy day, I cover laundry with a plastic covering.

... when our family increases :), I added some rings and lines to increase the drying surface.

... I use a few cords for a small amount of laundry, a greater number of cords for a large amount of laundr..

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... when we aerate the quilt on Saturday mornings, we slide all the cords together to increase their durability before hanging the quilt.

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