Advantages of the dryer

The advantages of our dryer:

- independent washing line spacing

- space saving of the balcony, large drying area

- long service life, all metal parts of the dryer are made of stainless steel

- ability to enlarge the drying surface by adding additional rings without having to spend extra balcony space

- resistant to atmospheric factors

- dryer made from recyclable materials

A few ideas for dryer owners:

... use few lines for small laundry, more lines for large laundry.

... when you need more space on the balcony, move all the lines towards the balustrade.

... when it starts to drizzle, move all washing lines towards the apartment.

... on a cloudy day, before leaving home, cover the laundry with waterproof fabric.

... add extra wheels and washing lines to increase the drying area.

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... slide all the lines to each other to increase their strength to ventilate the blankets, children's duvets.

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