The dryer was created for the best use
    of the balconies area. Independent
    cofiguration of the line gives this

    "Recommended by the whole family"

    ... functionality, strength and durability.

    Thanks to its advantageous design, the dryer
    is the ideal solution for drying outdoor
    clothing, and its durability will serve
    for many years to come.

    Simple construction allows easy and quick
    fixing of the dryer, without the need
    for tools.

    When moving or painting the balcony balustrade,
    just unscrew the dryer.
    I recommend a soft steel line with a PVC coating.

    This cord provides long-term durability and comfort
    whil PVC coating protects your clothing from dirt.

  • FOR WHOM ?
    For anyone who knows that using a balcony
    solely for hanging laundry is a waste of space.

    If you have of attaching the dryer to the balustrade
    of your balcony, I encourage you to buy this.

... small balcony dryer, big difference

Balcony is a perfect place for drying laundry but properly arranged, it will turn into an oasis to which we will escape after a hard day at work. We will be happy to drink coffee on it, relax while taking care of our favourite flowers or reading a book. There are many more ideas and the warming climate makes it possible to use the balconies for a longer period of the year.

Unfortunately, hanging laundry takes up a lot of valuable space and makes it difficult to move on the balcony. Our balcony dryer helped me when I had this problem. One of the greatest advantages of the dryer is that it gives you quick access to the entire balcony even while drying the laundry.

I believe, that a our dryer will give users a lot of satisfaction and will serve for many years to come:)

Suszarka na pranie Suszarka na pranie

Deciding to buy the dryer you will receive: a complete dryer with a arms width of 59 cm each, a set of screws needed to screw on the balcony railing, 14 rings and a washing line. All metal parts of the dryer, screws and nuts are made of stainless steel.

I invite you to watch a movie showing the laundry dryer.

I invite you to watch the video showing how to tie a washing line.