Comments of people who use our balcony dryer:

"... for 2 years I was looking for something like that in local shops."

"I am delighted."

"It's the best clothes dryer investment."

"Very good solution, no strings do not disturb and gain more space on the balcony. I recommend this product and this seller"

"The dryer fits perfectly :) The neighbors are already asking for the dryer :)"

"I am full of delight. I have long been looking for such a simple practical balcony dryer. This is what I expected: it does not occupy space on the balcony, you can freely move the links, easy to assemble. I will recommend it to neighbors and friends living in blocks. The second one on the market you will not find and I was looking for a few years. I would definitely recommend."

"The dryer is perfect, easy to install even without instructions. I would recommend for any balcony in the block!"

"I was looking for a long time functional and simple dryer for a small balcony in the block. I found it and purchased. It was just such a balcony dryer I was looking for, because it is primarily functional, simple and well done. There is a very good price."

"Great thing, I would recommend to anyone who has little room on the balcony. Assembly is very simple, even a woman can handle it."

"The dryer is literally folded in size. Ideal for balconies in blocks. Really worth every penny spent. I recommend very much."

"Super convenient solution in the block. Simple assembly. I recommend!!! "

"I recommend"

"The dryer is ok."